Development Program


The purpose of the Development Program is to support and promote broad, diverse and inclusive community-based sailing of the Optimist class in Bermuda.


BODA has established a Development Fund to support the Development Program through donations received from anonymous donors restricted for this purpose.


Development Funds may only be used to support the following Optimist class activities in the following two ways:

  1. Group - Costs associated with hosting local clinics or coaching programs that support the following: Green Fleet, female sailing, public school / community youth sailing and / or other. There shall be no direct fees (e.g. entry fees) charged to sailors for participation in these activities.

  2. Individual - Direct costs associated with sailing such as equipment, clothing, membership fees and / or regatta fees. The maximum amount of any award is $300 to an individual in a fiscal year and on the condition that the sailor (or any sibling) has not previously received any BODA funding and / or sailed in an overseas regatta. Indirect and / or non-sailing costs (e.g. flights) are explicitly excluded. The Development Program Officer shall make the determination as to whether an individual application meets the stated criteria.

Funding for a Group activity requires the pre-consent of the donor(s) as to whether the proposed purpose of the activity meets the spirit of the Development Program and, if so, Development Funds can be applied to the proposed activity. 

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