Sailor Code of Conduct

BODA Code of Conduct for Sailing Members

I promise to maintain a positive attitude and to be responsible for my conduct as a member of BODA by, and at all times, following these rules, regulations and any other rules given to me by my coach or responsible adult when participating in an optimist sailing clinic or regatta run by BODA :


  1. I will be responsible at all times for the safe storage, maintenance and setup of my boat and other equipment.
  2. When I am registered in a clinic I will attend every practice session that is reasonably possible and will notify my coach or clinic organizer in advance if I cannot.
  3. I will arrive for each clinic or regatta in good time to set up my boat and be completely ready by the start time of the clinic or regatta.
  4. I will not leave the clinic or race course without first obtaining my coach’s personal permission. I understand that it is not permissible to have another person convey a message that I am leaving. Only in the event that I cannot find my coach at the time, I may then find a clinic or race organizer and notify them.
  5. I will follow safety procedures given by my coach and other responsible adults, understanding the paramount importance of safety. I will notify my coach or other responsible adult if I feel that another sailor is in danger.
  6. I will strive to listen and learn from my coach. I will be respectful of my coach’s instruction and guidance and obey my coach’s directions.
  7. I will not cause disruption or fool around with others whilst I am participating in a clinic or regatta. This includes, but is not limited to: talking back to coaches, regatta officials, other competitors or responsible adults; unnecessary talking and distracting other sailors during coaching or racing.
  8. I will treat my fellow clinic sailors, coach, competitors, regatta officials, club staff and others with respect, regardless of race, religion, gender or abilities. I understand that I may expect similar treatment from others.
  9. I will not abuse fellow sailors, whether verbally, physically or emotionally, nor tolerate such behavior from others. I will notify my coach or clinic organizers if I feel I am being abused or treated unfairly by a fellow sailor or adult.
  10. I will respect the property of others, neither stealing, nor intentionally damaging or destroying the property of others. I will not borrow another’s property without first obtaining permission to do so. I will not tolerate such behavior from others.
  11. I promise to honor the spirit of sailing and will encourage good sportsmanship from fellow sailors, coaches and parents.
  12. If I travel overseas to attend a sailing regatta, I will behave and dress at all times in a manner consistent with the standard expected of my team, BODA, and of my country.

Enforceable Disciplines for Infractions of Code of Conduct

Coaches and organizing committee members of BODA are responsible for enforcing certain rules and may discipline a sailor when rules are broken and infractions caused. Here are the general guidelines:

Level of Infraction Description Action
Level 1 Faliure to obey coaches instruction after repeated (more than two) warings. Discipline is at coaches discretion and may include limiting practive time on a given day.
Level 2 Rude or bad conduct, disruptive behavior, purposley damagin or destroying the property of others, repeated incidents of disrespectiful behaviour to peers and adults. Review for suspension from one or more practices or disqualified from the Regatta the infraction was caused in.
Level 3 Stealing, intentionally injuring others, using drugs, alcohol, tabacco or non-prescription drugs whilst participating in an event. Review for expulsion from the entire clinic or regatta series or from the Association (BODA).
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