What does HPC mean?

HPC stands for High Performance Coach and it is the coach that BODA employs to train those sailors in the Squad.

How are sailors chosen to be in the Squad?

Sailors are chosen after consultation or recommendation from the local coaches. The HPC regularly communicates with the Club coaches taking their recommendations and opinions regarding which sailors are ready.

Do you have to be in the Squad to go to an IODA regatta?

No, you do not have to be in the Squad but you will be expected to attend a certain amount of practices with the HPC and the Squad prior to going to the regatta.

How big is the Squad?

The Squad can take up to 12 sailors and is based on the level from top to bottom, so as not to be so far apart that the trainings are held up by the back of the fleet.

So can the Squad be smaller?

Yes, the Squad is based on the level of sailors within the Squad all being able to train together.

Why are there so many RBYC sailors in the Squad?

Right now our squad has 5 sailors out of the RBYC and 2 from the RHADC. Over the years the majority in the Squad does vary and swings back and forth between the Clubs.

How is the HPC chosen?

The HPC is selected by the Executive and then reviewed by the Directors of BODA (non-parent elected Board). The current HPC has been renewed through 2022. 

Does BODA have a plan to review the HPC model?

Currently the HPC and the Squad are producing outstanding results and the Squad is 25% of the regular BODA racers. Both the Executive and the Directors are pleased with the success of the current model. The model was  reviewed then revamped in 2008-2010 and was reinstated by the members in 2011. This is our 3rd HPC since then.

How can my sailor train with the Squad?

Your sailor can train with the Squad every time they go out to practice with their club coach. If you are not in a Club with Squad sailors then you can ask your coach if they can join up with other clubs to do interclub practice. The HPC communicates with the club coaches and encourages them to join in for the on water sessions.

Is the Squad closed in September of every year?

No the Squad is determined by size and there is no cut off. Sailors can be added periodically throughout the year as they progress.

If my sailor is not in the Squad, what does my membership do for me?

BODA pays dues to BSA and IODA.

BODA supports local clubs with overseas endeavours (in past years each club had their coach boat paid for at the Orange Bowl).

BODA has provided lifejackets to the VSA sailors

BODA has supported Endeavour sailors who wish to enter the Nationals and Club programs since 2016

BODA subsidizes the cost of the coaching and coach related expenses for all sailors qualifying for IODA regattas.

BODA provides varying type of scholarships throughout the membership. This includes requests to the BSA, entry fees to local regattas, fees for overseas regattas, scholarships to the local Club programmes.

BODA provides a High Performance coach to come in periodically and train BER top sailors to a level where they can successfully compete overseas.

What is the commitment of a Squad sailor?

When a sailor is asked to join the Squad it is intended that they will attend as many of the scheduled practices/regattas with the HPC as possible. With family and school commitments, BODA and the HPC know that this will not always be the case, however if the sailor healthy and available during those clinics/regattas dates, then they should be sailing with the HPC. There are approximately 8-9 clinic/regattas per year for Squad sailors and almost all take place over school or public holidays. BODA makes every effort to schedule clinics on non-school days.

Can you be taken off the Squad?

Squad sailors are not removed unless there is a behaviour issue or a lack of commitment (attendance). Any contemplation of removal due to behavior or commitment is considered very carefully with BODA and the HPC. The Squad program is meant to be a lengthy build of skills and confidence and each individual sailor may develop at a different pace. Staying in the Squad allows for that growth to happen. Worrying about being removed, due to ability, could negatively affect the confidence of the sailor and inhibit the willingness to try different things therefore sailors do not ‘tryout’ or get taken off the Squad year to year. 

How do I get my sailor to be noticed by the HPC?

The HPC watches championship sailors closely during the Nationals and the Junior Gold Cup.  He is also in consistent contact with the local coaches regarding the sailors coming up the pipeline, speaking with them throughout the year.

Can I reach out to the HPC regarding my sailor?

Of course. The HPC is willing to talk to any parent regarding their sailor. If your sailor is not in the Squad you can certainly reach out to the HPC but your questions will probably be best answered by their local Coach who works with your sailor weekly. The HPC can be reached whilst here or through his email sanisidro@hotmail.co.uk. Please bear in mind that when not here the HPC is travelling and coaching in other countries/time zones and is not always quick to respond.

Can the Squad/HPC train together with the Clubs?

Both the RHADC and RBYC have been invited to join the training sessions of the Squad when the HPC is here. Both clubs have taken the HPC’s offer to join from time to time.

Why doesn’t BODA offer something for everyone?

Whilst a large portion of funds from BODA are designated to those who attending the IODA events and the preparation of those teams, it is those sailors at the top of the development pyramid that BODA believes will positively affect the motivation and growth of the sailors training with them and following in their footsteps. In addition, BODA works with all local clubs, gives scholarships and equipment, supports Club teams going to the Orange Bowl, holds specific clinics for Green Fleeters and female sailors and organizes the Nationals, in conjunction with local clubs who can profit as host and return funds back into their Jr Sailing. To assist non-HP sailors, BODA also endeavors to bring the USNT as well as other international sailors to our Nationals by sponsoring the container of boats so the host clubs do not have to take on that expense. In 2019 there were 18 USA, 5 CAN, 1 CAY and the UK National Champion all slated to attend. BODA also assists the RBYC with the Junior Gold Cup. Both of these are fabulous regattas with top sailors from around the world with no additional travel or charter boat expense to our sailors.  Regattas such as those help develop the sailors who compete. They offer larger fleets with a bigger start line and a variety of sailors. We also bring in international umpires and race officers so that a different perspective on the course and with the rules can be seen. BODA feels initiatives such as these are a big benefit to our non-HPC membership. Whilst we would love to have many sailors attending IODA events, IODA limits the amount that we can have so the goal is to send a full team and to prepare those qualified to be at their best when they choose to represent Bermuda.

Why can’t my sailor be coached by the HPC?

Whilst we are very pleased and proud of our current Squad results under the HPC and would love to have him coaching everyone, we also have excellent local coaches who do very well with our sailors and BODA does not want to take those sailors away from their Club program unnecessarily.